Who we are

JNG Associates is a coaching and training company based in Cork, Ireland. We offer professional executive and personal coaching and specialise in developing and delivering solution-focused coaching for clients. We are accredited and licensed to administer a number of Emotional Intelligence and Psychometric assessments  and we also provide a number of custom-made training courses in management and supervisory skills for clients.

Having worked on assignments in areas such as Ireland, the UK, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Turkmenistan, one of our main strengths is our ability to work with and within disparate cultures and ethnic groupings.

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What we do

Maybe it's chasing the promotion, handling the new challenges, having the hard conversations with your colleagues or just trying to figure out what you really want to be doing  - coaching can provide you with a safe and professional place in which you can discuss your options and make informed choices - the ones which are right for you, your family and your future.

We don't fix what's broken - we help you make what is working, work even better.

Additionally, our training services provide tailor made courses across a range of options including management skills, soft skills, project management and engineering training and consultancy.

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