What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure an individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style. There are many available and JNG can provide fully accredited testing facilities for a number of commonly applied tests which are shown below. All tests are administered online by our BPS (British Psychological Society) registered testers.

Please feel free to  contact us for a confidential discussion about your testing requirements.

15FQ+ Personality Profiles

The 15FQ+ measures the fundamental individual personality traits. These provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for themselves and assist them in identifying how and why they react to certain situations and people.


Jung Type Indicators (JTI)

The Jung Type Indicator (JTI) is a questionnaire that has been designed to help people identify their psychological type. It has been developed to provide a reliable and valid measure of people's preferences for the psychological functions.

The JTI is a  tool for helping people manage issues of personal change and growth. The JTI stimulates self awareness and acts as a constructive framework in which people can understand and explore their interpersonal and thinking styles.

Values Based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM)

Values are the key to understanding people’s energy and motivation. Explore people’s values and you can unlock the “what, where, when and why” of people’s actions. VbIM has been developed to provide a detailed map of values and motivations that reflects what is important for people.

The questionnaire addresses a number of areas - what the person wants for themselves, what they want to become, what they want form others and what they want from society.